Super Fine Cut Double-Blade Saw (407128) Ready to be Loaned

Takumi Ryoba 8-1/4″ Super Fine Cut Double Blade Saw

  • Traditional Japanese saw design
  • Cross-cut 20tpi, graduated rip teeth
  • Layered Japanese high carbon steel
  • Teeth diamond-ground on three sides
  • Ultra thin for fast, clean cuts

The Ryoba 2720 blade is designed with both rip and crosscut teeth and a wide blade surface for extremely accurate cutting. It is exceptionally well suited to cabinetry, furniture making and other fine wood working projects in medium to hard wood. When cutting thin wood or panels, use a flatter angle to the surface (0 to 10 degrees) to insure minimal wood vibration. Hold the handle with both hands spaced well apart and find the most comfortable position, adjusting slightly for different cutting angles. This saw can be used for flush cutting, but do not over bend the blade. DO NOT force the saw. Long smooth strokes are best, allowing the weight of the saw to do the cutting