At IRBE we recognize that human beings cannot indefinitely grow our economies and our consumption given the limitation of a finite planet with finite resources. The evidence is clear that we are up against actual barriers to growth whether we speak about fossil fuels, mineral resources, deforestation, species extinction, ocean acidification and more.

To replace our current economic model we feel it is no longer sufficient to criticize the current model - we must propose a new system and take measurable steps to achieve it. This new economic model is something we call a "Resource-Based Economy". This term was originally coined by Jacque Fresco of The Venus Project, and describes a system in which all goods and services are available without the use of money, credits, barter or any other system of debt or servitude. All resources become the common heritage of all of the inhabitants, not just a select few.

The premise upon which this system is based is that the Earth is abundant with plentiful resources if we apply our technological knowledge appropriately and live in accordance with the Earth's natural replenishment rates. While necessary during the transition, we conclude our practice of rationing resources through monetary methods is irrelevant and counter productive to our survival.

Following this train of thought, the goal in a Resource-Based Economy is to eliminate scarcity wherever possible using the most efficient technologies and sustainable practices to allow for a high standard of living for all. Rather than having an economic system that encourages us to constantly consume, we aim to reduce consumption and ownership of under-utilized products.

Access over excess, usership over ownership, experiences instead of possessions.

Combining this practice with a design methodology that reduces or eliminates waste (Cradle to Cradle), we can provide a high quality of life for everyone without having to resort to conflict or competition in order to survive.

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