2pc Cornering Tool Set (233) Ready to be Loaned

Veritas:registered: Cornering Tool Set

A cornering tool is actually a small molding plane. It cuts a fixed-radius curve on an edge. Our cornering tools have a different radius cutter at either end. One tool cuts a 1/16" and a 1/8" radius and the other cuts a 3/16" and a 1/4" radius. They are ground with two fixed fences that stop the tool from cutting past the fixed radius. Made in England from tool steel hardened to Rc48-52, they hold an excellent edge.

Easy to use, they cut on either the push or pull stroke. They remove material quickly and easily. Since they do the work of four rounding planes, they are not only economical, but they also avoid the dust, noise and set-up time required to do the same work with a router.