Pressure Washer (9749) Ready to be Loaned

*Use of eye protection recommended*

Water hose must be 1/2" (13mm) in diameter. Flow rate must not drop below 2 gal/min (9.1L/min).


  1. For use with COLD WATER ONLY - no detergents, flammable liquids, acids, or solvents. 
  2. Fully unwind & detach hose from reel
  3. Connect garden hose to inlet adaptor.
  4. Attach garden hose to water supply & turn water on
  5. Make sure switch is in OFF position
  6. Completely unwind and plug in power cord
  7. Depress trigger until a steady stream of water comes out of the wand
  8. Turn the power switch to ON
  9. Rest unit for 5min after every 30min of use

Do not use extension cords longer than 50'/15.2m. Only use 12 or 14 AWG rated cords.

Peak pressure: 1800PSI

Rated maximum pressure: 1250PSI

1.4 gallons/min


23' electrical cord